FOLKMOOT: What is it and Five Reasons to Go

Tomorrow at8&:30 Folkmoot 2011 kicks off at the Folkmoot Friendship Center in in West Waynesville, NC. For almost the next two weeks events will occur across Western North Carolina and Eastern Tennessee celebrating the culture of the entire world. While most take place around Waynesville there are some as far afield as Hickory and Johnson City. For a full list of the nearly thirty events, locations and ticket information click HERE.

So what is Folkmoot? To me, Folkmoot is when the richness of world culture is brought to the mountains of Western North Carolina. The Folkmoot web site says that a local surgeon worked for ten years to put together the festival which first took place in 1983. For almost three decades the festival (the web site says Folkmoot is Old English for “meeting of the people”) has been North Carolina‘s foremost international cultural event.

That’s what it is now let’s talk about why you should go.

First, its close. (If you live in Western North Carolina, East Tennessee, North Georgia or Upstate South Carolina.) Right now gasoline prices are putting the squeeze on all of us. Folkmoot saves you money by spreading its event across the area. There are events in Waynesville, Flat Rock, Burnsville, even Hickory and Johnson City. Find one near you and check it out this year.

Second, the money stays at home. Yes, some of the events are pricey, in the twenty-five and thirty dollar range. But the money stays here in the local area, it enriches the culture of the area. And compared to the price of other concerts its very competitive. Plus most of the time kids twelve and under get in free. (Did I mention a few of the events are free, like the Parade and Streetdance in Waynesville coming up on Friday?)

Third, its the world brought to your doorstep. We all know air travel is a hassle these days. So skip the airlines and come to Folkmoot. These are groups from over there performing over here.

Fourth, the time table couldn’t be more convenient. The events stretch over nearly three weeks. There should be at least one event you can squeeze into your schedule. You can even buy tickets online by clicking here.

Fifth, there are a wide variety of events. No matter what you’re interested in, there should be something listed that tickles your fancy. There’s even a 5K Run with a Walk and Run for the kids. There’s even a Parade and Street Dance in Waynesville on Friday the 22nd that’s FREE.


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