Now for something a little different. All week I’ve given tips on how to save money. This is the last group of tips is about how to save time while traveling.

1. Evaluate and Plan

This is beginning to sound like a broken drum, but there’s a reason for this. Thinking through what you’re going to do changes things. You’ll travel smarter, not harder. You’ll get more done and get more out of it. Try these practical tips for evaluating and planning.

Ask yourself why you’re going and what you want to get out of it. Look at the map and consider your route. Write out your itinerary when you get there to maximize what you get out of your trip.

2. Make a list

Make a list of everything that is in your car. Lots of you probably carry one in your head, but one on paper is good because everyone can benefit from it. This helps you pack and it helps you know what is where in your car.

3. Keep the Essentials Packed

This sounds like the last one, but is different in one key way. What I’m talking about now is actually having a little duffel hanging on a peg in the closet, ready to go. Take your list of things to take and pack many of them in a satchel. Change, maps, first aid kit, sunglasses, spare cell phone charger—whatever you take on a trip. Then if you have a day, half a day, even an hour free you can grab the bag, jump in the car and take off down the road.

4. Keep the Car Serviced and Ready

Keep the maintenance done to keep yourself ready to go when you want to. This has a secondary benefit, too. When I take my car in for service usually I straighten it up. (Its amazing all the things I find.) This will help keep your car better organized.

5. Keep the House Ready to Leave

Keep your home straightened up so you can feel free to head off when you feel like it.

I hope these ideas not only help you, but generate your own ideas. Feel free to leave a comment with some of those. That’s one reason I chose allows you to make comments without registering.



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