There are lots of places to shop in the Asheville area and in the next few posts I’ll mention a few that are underappreciated. They maybe older, have fewer stores or be even out of the way. I’m not saying these are places you should visit every day. But you should check them out. I’ll give a reason why I find each venue particularly valuable. But unless we patronize these businesses they won’t be here soon. More retail choices equal more competition equal more leverage on the part of the shopper.

1. River Ridge Marketplace,  East Asheville

DIRECTIONS: Exit 8 off I-240, Exit 53B off I-40. Coming from Downtown Asheville turn left at top of ramp, coming from Fairview or off I-40 just cross Fairview Road.

WHY I LIKE IT: RiverRidge is as close as Asheville has to an outlet mall. Its got about six outlet shops in it, plus two craft shops. There are three clothing stores, a bookstore, a Dollar General, a music store and several restaurants. Within sight are a Home Depot, Bi-Lo, Babys R Us and the Wal Mart Shopping Center is right down the hill.

WHY I MENTION IT: River Ridge is an endangered species. They’ve lost their Hallmark store and Fat Buddies restaurant. Kitchen and Company may or may not be going out of business. I’m concerned since they’re doing an 80% store wide clearance. The WalMart down the hill has probably hurt River Ridge, but it shouldn’t. There’s a road leading up the hill from Wal Mart that comes into River Ridge from the back.

WHY YOU SHOULD GO THERE: First, its very accessible. Second, parking is not a problem. Third, some of the stores are incredible. Mr. K’s Used Books is one of my favorites. A.C. Moore is a great craft store. Rugged Warehouse has incredible prices on great clothes. Hamrick’s is a really amazing store, full of great clothes for the entire family plus a wide variety of gifts and other merchandise. Fourth, within the area there’s just about every restaurant you could want to eat at.

THE STORES: Alright, lets get down to what it offers. Mr. K’s Used Books, A.C. MooreHancock Fabrics, The Music Center, The Dollar General, Kitchen & Company, Rugged Warehouse, Dress Barn, Hanes and Bali Outlet, Hamrick’s, and those are just the ones off the top of my head.

Next time I’ll discuss the Biltmore Square Mall.

Of course,  these are my personal observations so I will miss a few. If there’s a shopping venue you like and feel I’ve missed let me know. This is why I use WordPress.com. You don’t have to register to comment.

If you are a business owner and feel I left you out let me know. I welcome input from everyone and anyone.



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