Saturday was a really nice day for my family and I. We worked in the yard, watched The Mothman Prophecies and did a few of those chores that have to be done. By late afternoon we were free to take a leisurely drive up I-26 to Weaverville. Since the two is only ten minutes north of Asheville I don’t see why I haven’t been up there more often.
Weaverville is a delightful mix of industry, shopping and old fashioned nostalgia. If there’s one word that could describe the town it would be welcoming. Downtown everyone I spoke to was warm and friendly. Even the other drivers were polite.


Downtown Weaverville

Downtown Weaverville

Downtown Weaverville is like a movie set. Really. I keep expecting to hear that a remake of Mayberry is going to be done there. Its that kind of town. (Hunger Games is being filmed just north in Barnardsville.) Mark my words, one day someone will film a movie in Weaverville.

One thing I like about the downtown is the parking. Its plentiful and free. Just look for the big clock and that’s where you find the town parking lot.

Free Parking by the Clock

Here's the Clock and the Free Parking Lot

There’s also lots of one hour parking on the street. Which works out really well if you were to pop up there for lunch. Downtown is home to several cozy cafes and restaurants with great atmosphere and menus. There are several small shops that provide old fashioned services from flower arrangements to spa services.

This wonderful photo is courtesy of the Sunnyside Cafe in Downtown Weaverville. Read the Mountain Express’ review of them here.

This great photo is courtesy of Brown’s Floral Designs. Check out their web site at Nice place, great people.

Another Great Restuarant in Downtown Weaverville

Yet another restuarant in downtown Weaverville

If you’re looking for larger chain stores Weaverville has what you need too. There are three shopping centers in Weaverville, all located off Exit 19B on I-26 if you’re heading north. The newer one is actually off the next exit also on I-26 (the one for Marshall) if you’re heading north. It has a Lowe’s and Wal-Mart. The other two are a mix of national brands plus smaller retail stores. These include Rose’s Department Stores, Ace Hardware, Food Lion and Advance Auto Parts, among others. There’s also a wide selection of fast food including a newly renovated McDonald’s.

Surprisingly, there’s even more in Weaverville. Just south of town, out Reems Creek Road is the Vance Birthplace. This is free and a real educational experience. The visitor’s center itself is worth the trip. Also out Reems Creek you can access the Blue Ridge Parkway. And in town is the Dry Ridge Museum inside the library.
Also just south of the town is Lake Louise. Lake Louise is beautiful body of water with a fountain and surrounded by walkikng trails, picnic areas and playgrounds for the kids. And there’s plenty of parking.

Lake Louise, Weaverville

Lake Louise, Weaverville

Lake Louise, Weaverville

Great Picnic Facilites at Lake Louise, Weaverville

Lots of great picnic areas at Lake Louise.

Here's one part of the free parking. More all around Lake Louise.

Despite the length of this post, this is only a small offering of what’s available in Weaverville. Drive up from Asheville one day and enjoy a nice afternoon there. I don’t think you’ll regret it.


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