Side Roads, Two Lanes and the Interstate

So, here’s a big question that I deal with sometimes. Take the interstate or the old road? Obviously when time is a factor, the interstate is usually the choice. Of course, this isn’t always the case.

During rush hours, or if there’s construction knowledge of the side roads can be priceless. There have been several times that I was sitting in traffic on the Interstate thinking “If I were local, I’d know how to get off and go around this.” Yes, I know this is evoking images of horror movies, but its true.

So lets say you have plenty of time to get form Asheville to Hendersonville, Charlotte to Shelby, Greenville to Spartanburg, Hickory to Asheville, Knoxville to Asheville or  Bristol to Johnson City. Lets say your car can handle the mountains between Hot Springs and Greeneville. And you’re driving alone so no one else in in the equation. We’re even going to assume that you’ll have cell phone coverage all the ways, so safety won’t be factor. (Well, it always is a factor—or should be— but we’re going to say you know its a safe route.) Let’s even — for argument of course– say fuel isn’t a factor. (Of course, some people say the Interstate saves fuel and others say the slower older roads save fuel.)

Which way would you go? Are you going to go I-40 from Hickory to Asheville, or hop off and cruise through Morganton, Marion, Nebo and Old Fort? Will you take I-85 to Spartanburg or roll through Taylors, Greer and Duncan? Will you take I-26 to Hendersonville or will you drive through Fletcher, Arden, Skyland and Naples? Will you hop on I-85 or instead take 74 and 29 through Belmont to Gastonia?

So this may be a bit of a silly question. Obviously your car, your safety, the distance you’re travelling and fuel are factors. But what are your personal preferences? And does it matter if you’ve been there before.

Let me know what you think. Then maybe I’ll tell you what I think.

3 responses to “Side Roads, Two Lanes and the Interstate

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