Okay, lets talk about Billboards. People hate billboards. I love billboards. Of course I’m not crazy about what some billboards advertise but I enjoy billboards in and of themselves.

Billboards provide texture to a road. They provide content. They provide character. They give a feel for what is off the road. They keep drivers alert. They keep the mind going.

At night billboards are even better since everything is so dark. As I said before, I consider billboards to help keep the driver awake. Of course I am aware other people feel differently.

Some billboards serve the public good with public service announcements. Others are nationally branded. Others advertise local businesses.

Let me know what you think of billboards. But more importantly, tell me why. I’ve given my reasons. They help keep my brain alert and provide texture by letting me know what is off the interstate.


2 responses to “Billboards

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