My First Road Trip of the Year

One great thing about running this blog are the people who tell you about the great places they’ve been. This past week my friend Mr. P was telling me about the Cradle of Forestry down in Brevard. While there is a part of the Cradle that you do pay to tour there is alot that is free. It sounds like a very enjoyable family experience which would be educational, close and free. What more could you want?

Unfortunately I haven’t been to the Cradle of Forestry. This week I was busy going over to the Tri-Cities for some shopping and R&R. The family and I spent some quality time over there and got a few things we needed. But what I want to talk about was the trip back. I’ve driven that route many times so I decided to take the scenic route.

At Erwin I turned on 107 and ran it all the way to Highway 11E  in Jonesborough. Then I took 11E toward Greenville. I turned left on 351 and followed it all the way to Highway 70. I ran this into North Carolina, through Marshall and back to Asheville. It was a nice drive and here is a bit I want to share with you.

                                    This is a really cool bike used by the Unicoi County, TN Sheriff’s Department.  Let’s hear it for the men and women of Law Enforcement!

I was so impressed by this church on Highway 107 just north of Erwin. Look at that steeple.

Is this a nice spot or what?

This is on the corner in Jonesborough where I turned to go to Highway 11E.

Jonesborough, TN is a beautiful town in its own right. Definitely worth a day trip.

A little church in Chuckey, TN on Highway 351.

Well, hope you enjoyed my first road trip of the year. Everybody take care and travel safe.


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