Duty Free International Travel

I apologize about the title, since it is misleading. Actually the type of travel I’ll be discussing isn’t only duty free and its not just international. Its completely free and its also very national and even local.

I’m talking about Google Streetview. Google Street view is really nifty. Currently I’m glancing around Spain. Its amazing. I’m not so much being voyeuristic as I’m just seeing what its like there.

Of course the same is true here stateside. You can drive around nearly any city, town or highway you would like to. The possibilities are endless.

Yes, this is a very simplistic idea, but it conceals a lot of good stuff. Alot of times when I take a drive I don’t get out. I just go to see what its like.

Go pop on over to Google Street View and go traveling. Visit places you’ve been, places you’d like to go or places that are completely random. Then come back and let me know where you’ve gone.

And its high time I make a plug for wordpress.  This is why I use wordpress. Anybody can make a comment without logging in. There are other blog sites which are good but they require you to log in and sign up before you can comment. WordPress is better. Just type what you want in the comment section, I approve it and voila, your opinion is there for the world to see. This is why I encourage everyone to use wordpress.


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