Its Tuesday February 8 and I’ve just been outside. Brevard Road is covered with snow and untouched by snow plows. The snow is falling very fast, although not very thick. It appears to be a dryish powder. Side streets also appear to be covered and untouched. If you can stay off the roads. If you have to go out drive carefully. Make certain you have:

  • a cell phone
  • gloves, hat, coat
  • water, food
  • flashlight
  • a shovel would not be a bad idea
  • plenty of gasoline
  • kitty litter is not a bad idea
  • glasses, sunglasses

Be careful whatever you do. I didn’t check the weather before I posted this, but I hope it will move out quickly. Check your local weather before venturing out. If you have an AM radio tune to the bottom of the dial where NOAA Weather Radio will be—if you can pick it up. Most of all, BE CAREFUL.


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