How to Stay Awake While Driving

Well, its winter and Christmas is over. I hope your holiday went well. Last week was incredibly … busy. (I’ll leave it at that.) Between the unreal snow we got across the entire state, the holidays and a bit of extra business I haven’t a chance to do much of anything.

Before we got snowed in here in Asheville my family and I drove over to East Tennessee to visit relatives. That was Christmas Eve. Within a day or two I wouldn’t have budged anywhere if I didn’t have to. This weekend in Asheville was, well, tough. Between Saturday morning and Sunday night we got 10 to 12 inches. Thank God I had no real trouble. I was able to get the few places I needed to go and the roads weren’t bad.

Well, obviously travel was not on my mind over the weekend. Instead I’ve been thinking about how to stay awake while driving. I asked around the office and a couple of folks gave their ideas. Here are a few of them.

  • Pull into a rest area and take a walk
  • Get a drink of water
  • In the winter roll down the window, in the summer turn up the air conditioner.
  • Have something with caffeine in it.
  • Drink coffee or get someone else to drive
  • Pull over and get some sleep.
  • Have two people drive in shifts.
  • Roll down the window or turn on the radio and sing along.
  • And Willie suggested rolling down the window and yelling.

I guess I’ve used a combination of all of these. I hope this helps you. Stay safe.

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