About that surprise

Well, you all have done well. The blog about to hit a hundred visits. So, what kind of surprise would be best on here. I’ve thought of a lot of things. The first thing that popped into my head were gift certificates. Obviously this is a popular item. But only one person can get it, so I was thinking of a few other things.

What about an interview with someone who runs a popular local attraction? We could find out what they have coming up and the inside scoop that no one else knows. Or maybe you’d like to see some behind the scenes photos of an attraction. How about me posting a few travel photos I didn’t intend to?

Let me know what you want. If you don’t respond, I’ll have to make the call. I’m leaning away from gift certificates since only one person gets to benefit, but I suppose my mind could be changed. We’ll see what happens.

Just wanted to pass this on. See you all next week. Be safe whatever you’re doing.

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