A Thanksgiving to be Thankful for

Having typed this I realized that every day is a day to be thankful for. Or at least there’s something during the day to be thankful for. (and probably some things I’d just as soon forget) Just wanted to clear that up.

So…back to last Thursday. It was a very nice day indeed. We have long standing connections to Greenville, South Carolina including the fact our family lived there many, many years ago. (well, not that many) So this year we headed one hour south to remember a particularly special Thanksgiving our family had there those many years ago. (once again its wasn’t that many) We found one of the many fine dining establishments in the area which was actually just across the street from where the family had lived that was open on Thursday. The traditional Thanksgiving dinner was as good as we had expected.

But the real fun came after the dinner was over. First we drove around the town looking at where we used to live. Its amazing how much a place can change over the years.

Greenville is an amazing place, especially for those of us living in Western North Carolina. Its only an hour away on good road. You take I-26 to Hendersonville. Just past Hendersonville you take 25 toward Greenville. And keep going, you can’t miss it.

When we had been down there about ten years ago one section of North Pleasentburg Drive had been, well, trailer sales. The whole thing. Now its upscale shopping. Old Navy, PETCO, Home Depot and all sorts of other smaller shops are along through the area. We drove on into downtown Greenville, which is also an amazing area. The streets are wide and tree lined, with convenient parking. There appear to be lots of picnic tables downtown which are independent of a restaurant. While we didn’t have time to investigate them, the shopping also looks promising.

Greenville restuarant

Restaurant just above Reedy River Falls Park

Downtown Greenville, SC just above Reedy River Falls Park

Reedy River Falls Park is a wonder unto itself. This is a fairly large area around the river just west of downtown. Evidently part of it used to be the site of several textile mills which used the falls for power. Another part was a old quarry which the WPA transformed during the Depression. The stone work in the area is beautiful. To describe as a park-like atmosphere would not just be redundant but unstated. There is a bridge running over the park you can walk on. It is architecturally striking and, well, interesting to walk on. You can actually feel the other people walking on it. Studios, apartments and restaurants line the riverside. And there are lots of ducks to feed.

A lane bordering Reedy River Park.

After that we drove past the Greenville Drive baseball stadium in Greenville. Across from it sits the Shoeless Joe Jackson Museum, which is only open on Saturdays.

To come back we drove back to North Pleasentburg Drive and turned up Paris Mountain Road. This area has seen incredible development since we were there last. It is quickly becoming a very nice mountain residential community. Although some of the homes are quite impressive the area has retained its quiet county environment.

So we took Paris Mountain Road and stayed on it till 253 turned right just past a CITGO station on the right. We followed 253 until it came to 290, where we turned left on a two lane which headed back to 25. Once we got back on 25 we drove north back to Asheville.

It was a wonderful trip we all enjoyed. Greenville is a beautiful town we’ve only started to explore. It is a day trip that must be made.

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